What does the color of your discharge mean?



︎︎︎2020 Cake
Metal, vaginal applicators, color clay, name tags, etc.

Cake is a decomposable, removable, sustainable armature

这个女人对女性生殖器有一种恐惧。有些人恐惧不可视的一切。她的生殖器病了却不敢自我治疗; I wasn’t afraid so I helped her. Day by day, I put vaginal treatment with an applicator into her vagina and wished her luck.


This woman is scared of female genitalia because she can’t see inside of them. Some people are just afraid of all kinds of obscurity.  Her vagina was sick but she was too scared to do self-treatments. I wasn’t afraid so I helped her. Day after day, I put treatment into her vagina with an applicator and wished her luck.

I did a romantic thing between lovers: making a cake out of these applicators I collected.