Cavers in Latex

︎︎︎2018 Cavers in Latex 胶衣勘探队
Oil on canvas 13’9’’*10’

The canvas is stretched and occupies a wall.

        Cavers in latex enter a cave. Prioritizing what to do becomes a question. There are voices calling for seeking an exit; there are other voices calling for seeking water. Somebody asks, “Do we need the exit if we find water?”

Eroticism is a shelter for individual space—— eroticism can be normalized/routinized but cannot exist in collectivization.



︎︎︎2018 Drawing/Draft of Cavemen 洞人集会
Acrylic on paper 58’’*50’’

An imaginary gathering in a cave

︎︎︎2019 Landscape painting of cave interiors 洞内一窥
Oil on canvas 40’’*30’’

A capture of living in a cave
An arrangement of household objects in a cave

︎︎︎2021 Pressing on one’s eyelids 胶片物质性实验
Film, ink, paint, bleach, lighter, found objects, etc.
Recorded with iphone; original soundtrack

An experiment with film as a material